2016 Japan Society for Neuroimmunology Meeting in Nagasaki, September 29

On September 29-30, 2016, the 28th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Neuroimmunology was held in Nagasaki, Japan. Dr. Tatsufumi Nakamura, Professor, Nagasaki International University, served as President of the meeting.  Prof. Nakamura is an expert in research on human T-lymphotropic virus type I (HTLV-I)-associated myelopathy (HAM).

From our Department, the following paper was selected for oral presentation, "Upregulation of lymphatic markers and vascular adhesion molecules in CNS RNAseq transcriptome of a viral model for multiple sclerosis", whose first author is Dr. Seiichi Omura, PhD, Assistant Professor.

Nagasaki is the second and last city in the world to experience an atomic bomb attack. I had opportunities to visit several places related to Nagasaki bombing, including Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum and the ground zero. I wish that Nagasaki will be forever the last city on earth to experience any nuclear attack.

For more pictures, please visit our Kindai University Microbiology Department Facebook.

Ikuo Tsunoda

2016日本神経免疫学会 長崎 9月29-30日

2016年9月29-30日に、長崎市で日本神経免疫学会が開催されました。会長は長崎国際大学人間社会学部社会福祉学科の中村 龍文(なかむら たつふみ)教授が勤められました。中村教授は、ヒトレトロウイルスhuman T-lymphotropic virus type I (HTLV-I) 感染によって生じるHTLV-I関連脊髄症 (HAM) の世界的権威で、今回の我々の学会参加の実現も、ひとえに中村教授のサポートによるものであります。近畿大学医学部微生物学講座からは、尾村誠一助教の「進行性多発性硬化症モデルにおける血管接着分子の発現増加とBBB・リンパ管分子の発現減少」が、口頭発表に選ばれました。




Tatsufumi Nakamura
President Dr. Tatsufumi Nakamura and Ikuo Tsunoda

Ikuo Tsunoda and Dr. Mari Shinoda, tenured Associated Professor Duke University at Urakami Cathedral.


Kindai University Microbiology course launched on October 3 2016

On October 3, 2016, our Microbiology course started for 2nd-year Medical Students at Kindai University Faculty of Medicine, Osaka, Japan. Because of retirement of a former Department Chair, Dr. Osamu Yoshie, our new Microbiology faculty have taken over and renewed the contents of all lectures. In our lectures, we will help students not only in understanding microbiology as biomedical science but also in preparation for CBT, Medical Examination, and USMLE.

During the first week, our faculty members gave lectures on Immunology and Bacteriology as well as instructed experiments on bacterial growth. We are impressed that all Medical Students in our class are enthusiastic, following instructions by faculty with an attendance rate over 95%!. After lectures, there are lots of questions from students, which made us feel wanna be a better teacher.

This week, we will start Virology lectures.

For more pictures, please visit our Kindai Microbiology Facebook.

Ikuo Tsunoda

近大医学部微生物学コース スタート 2016年10月3日






Kindai first class
Ikuo Tsunoda gave his first Microbilogy lecture for 2nd-year Medical Students at Kindai University, Osaka, Japan

Dr. Yamamura Seminar / Tsunoda Birthday Lunch

On September 1, 2016, Dr. Takashi Yamamura, National Institute of Neuroscience, visited Kindai University and gave a seminar on recent advance in immunology studies in multiple sclerosis (MS). From Kindai University, Dr. Katsuichi Miyamoto, Associate Professor, and Dr. Susumu Kusunoki, Proessor, gave a talk on clinical aspect of MS and statistics of MS in Japan, respectively. Dr. Kusunoki showed that Iwate and Hokkaido are the top 2 MS prevalence in Japan; I did not know it, while my hometown is Iwate. For more pictures, please visit Kindai-LSU MS Research Team Facebook.

On September 5 (Monday), we have our laboratory lunch to celebrate Ikuo Tsunoda's birthday at an Italian restaurant, Galleria, in Tondabayashi, Osaka (Ikuo's birthday is September 4, which was Sunday this year). Laboratory members treated Ikuo a very delicious pizza course composed of drink (bloody orange juice), beef intestine boiled in tomato source, six different pizza, and desert. Ikuo appreciated their friendship to have such a wonderful lunch party. For more pictures, please visit our Microbiology Facebook.


山村隆先生 近畿大学 多発性硬化症講演会  角田郁生バースデイ昼食会




Takashi Yamamura 090116
From left to right: Drs. Ikuo Tsunoda, Seiichi Omura, Takashi Yamamura, Fumitaka Sato, Susumu Kusunoki, Makito Hirano, and Katuichi Miyamoto.

Kindai Medical Student Mr. Iizuka return from University of Iowa Rotation

Today, Kindai University Medical Student, Mr. Noboru Iizuka came to the Department of Microbiology, Kindai University Faculty of Medicine to report his laboratory rotation at the University of Iowa. Noboru kindly brought his gift from Iowa for all Microbiology members, particularly Dr. Ah-Mee Park, PhD, Associate Professor, who had given some experimental training before Noboru left for Iowa.

Noboru had a 1-hour meeting with Ikuo Tsunoda, MD, PhD, Professor and Chair, Microbiology, Kindai University on what he learned during the stay in Iowa and how to summarize his experience in a report. Noboru had an opportunity to have several individual meetings with Dr. Jeff Meier, MD, Associate Professorof Internal Medicine - Infectious Diseases, who mentored Noboru in his cytomegalovirus research laboratory; Noboru learned several basic research methods, such as Western blot, from Dr. Meier's laboratory staff members.

We are very glad to know that Noboru enthusiastically used this visit to experience not only research laboratory training but also attending several medical seminars. We really appreciate Dr. Michihiko Goto, MD, MSCI, Clinical Assistant Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine as well as Dr. Hisakazu Hoshi, MD, Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery - Surgical Oncology and Endocrine Surgery, for their kindness to provide many opportunities to Noboru, such as attending seminars and lectures of his interests.

Lastly, we would like to thank Dr. Meier and Dr. Goto for giving Noboru his life-time experience. We respect Noboru his guts to challenge and learn many basic and clinical science as well as American daily life.



本日、近畿大学微生物学講座に、アイオワ大学医学部夏季留学から帰国した医学部4年生の飯塚昇さんが留学の成果について報告に訪れました。微生物学講座では、飯塚さんの留学にあたり朴雅美講師が、ウイルス学の実験手技についての指導にあたり、角田郁生教授が留学先のJeff Meier准教授(サイトメガロウイルス研究)、後藤道彦准教授(アイオワ大学感染症科)、松本栄悠准教授(アイオワ大学感染症科)と事前連絡をとり、飯塚さんが留学期間にできるだけ多くのことを吸収できるように手配をしました。




飯塚昇 083016

Kindai Medical Student, Mr. Noboru Iizuka and Ikuo Tsunoda, MD, PhD, Professor and Chair, Microbiology

Kindai English Village e-cube and Dr. Nakayasu seminars on August 4, 2016

All faculty members of the Department of Microbiology Kindai University, Faculty of Medicine, visited the main Higashiosaka campus of Kindai University on August 4, 2016.

We first visited the "Eigomura or English Village" (eigo=English, mura = village), a unique building in the campus where its staff members run the program that encourages students to speak in English by its English only policy in the building. The staff members gave us a tour of the “EigomuraE3 (e-cube)” a nick name of the building, and explained their activities. We had an opportunity to join their daily activity how to make “Takoyaki” today. We told them that there are many Kindai Medical Students who are interested in the Eigomura, but are hard to visit the main campus. We discussed how we can collaborate each other in the future, for example, 1) whether it is possible for Eigomura staff to visit our Medical campus weekly or monthly to associate with our medical students, 2) how our Microbiology faculty can be involved in the Eigomura’s program; we believe that we will be able to help the program since all the faculty members have experience to live in the US from 3 to 21 years; and 3) how we can help in improving Eigomura’s home page that is written only in Japanese (our Microbiology home page is both in English and Japanese, including videos and slides in two languages).

We also visited a newly established "Faculty of International Studies" in the main campus, which has an unique program that all students will spend two semesters at foreign institutes. We talked to one of students, Ms. Natsumi Okamoto at Eigomura, who will study in the US soon. Natsumi is a member of Kindai University’s idol group, Kindai Girls, and performed in its music video!

Lastly, we attended a faculty development program in which Dr. Tsuyoshi Nakayasu, PhD, CEO of Robust Japan Inc. gave two seminars on grantsmanship in Japan. Dr. Nakayasu gave us many valuable tips how to write scientific grants. After the seminars, Dr. Nakayasu kindly gave us some advice in person. We appreciate his kindness and expect future collaboration with Dr. Nakayasu.

For more pictures, please visit our Kindai Microbiology Facebook.

Ikuo Tsunoda

近畿大学英語村 中安豪先生科学研究費講演会


また、国際学部も訪問いたしました。国際化を目指すために今年から創設された国際学部は500名もの新入生の全員を海外に留学させるプランであるとうがかいました。その中の一人岡本夏美さんとは英語村で話す機会がありましたが、米国への留学を楽しみにしているとのことでした。近大のアイドルグループKindai Girlsのメンバーでもある岡本さんですが、今後のご活躍を期待します。

午後からは、中安豪先生(ロバスト・ジャパン株式会社 代表取締役)の科研費講演会に参加いたしました。基礎編と発展編の二部構成で3時間のセミナーで、微生物学教室員一同にとって、大変有益な情報を得られ勉強になりました。セミナーの後は、中安先生に、特別に個人的な助言をしていただき、感謝しております。




From left to right: Mr. Yu Ishibashi (Economics) Dr. Mitsugu Fuijita (Associate Professor), Mark, Brandon (Florida, US), Jill (London, Canada), Ms. Okamoto (International Studies, Kindai Girls), Dr. Ah-Mee Park (Associate Professor), Matthew (leader of Eigomura staff), Dr. Ikuo Tsunoda (Professor), and Dr. Fumitaka Sato (Assistant Professor).

Robust Japan

From left to right: Drs. Ikuo Tsunoda, Tsuyoshi Nakayasu, and Mitsugu Fujita


Ikuo Tsunoda

Author:Ikuo Tsunoda
We are studying multiple sclerosis and viral myocarditis using immunological, virological and bioinformatics methods in the Department of Microbiology, Kindai University Faculty of Medicine.

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