2017 New Year's Parties: Kindai University Faculty/Tohoku University alumni

On January 6, 2017, we had two New Year's Parties: one was for Kindai University Faculty of Medicine Faculty and the other was for Tohoku University School of Medicine alumni.

Kindai University New Year's party was held at Swiss Hotel Nankai Osaka. All full Professor were invited to this party, where President Dr. Hitoshi Shiozaki, MD, PhD as well as Professors who has been promoted in 2016 gave a speech.

Tohoku University New Year's party, Gonjo-kai, was held at Tankuma Restaurant, ANA Crown Plaza Hotel, Osaka. This is the 42nd New Year's Party of Gonjo-kai, where alumni of Tohoku University School of Medicine attended from Western Japan.

For more pictures, please visit our Kindai University Microbiology Facebook.

Ikuo Tsunoda

2017新年会 近畿大学医学部 東北大学医学部艮生会 1月6日

2017年1月6日に二つの新年会が開かれました。 ひとつは近畿大学医学部教授会の新年会で、大阪難波のスイスホテル南海で開催されました。学長の塩崎均先生はじめ2016年の新任教授の挨拶などがありました。 




2017福岡 和也

Kindai University Faculty New Year's Party. From Left to right: Drs. Kazuya Fukuoka, Hitoshi Okada, Masaaki Miyazawa, Hitoshi Shiozaki, and Ikuo Tsunoda

Tohoku University Alumni New Year's Party. Front from left to right: Drs. Yoshihisa Koga, Masahiko Inase, Shuji Arima. Back from left to right: Drs. Hiroo Kaihoh, Ikuo Tsunoda, and Yoshihiro Taniyama.

Happy New Year 2017!

Below is our new year's message in Japanese.



2016 Kindai Microbiology Happy Holiday Party

On December 16, the Department of Microbiology, Kindai University Faculty of Medicine had a 2016 Happy Holiday Lunch with 1-year Medical Students who are rotating our laboratory in the course, General Medicine II, "Discover antibiotics!". According to strong request from students, we had seven large pizza plates with chicken, salad, ice cream and drinks.

For more pictures, please visit our Kindai Microbiology Facebook. Below is our Holiday Wishes.


Happy Holiday Wishes

I trust you had a productive year in 2016. In April, 2016, I have relocated my laboratory to Osaka, Japan, accepting a full Professor/Chair position at the Department of Microbiology, Kindai University Faculty of Medicine. This is my life-changing decision, since I had lived in the US for 21 years, studying multiple sclerosis, for the first 14 years at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, and the last 7 years at Louisiana State University (LSU), Shreveport. In Japan, I started teaching Medical Students in the Microbiology Course, re-establishing a research team, writing grants and two reviews (on Theiler’s virus and Zika virus), contributing to internationalization of Kindai University with my national and international scientific networks, and attending four conferences (New York, Tokyo, Kanazawa, and Nagasaki). My Department has two tenured Associate Professors, Drs. Mitsugu Fujita and Ah-Mee Park; two Assistant Professors, Drs. Fumitaka Sato and Seiichi Omura (both from LSU); and one Research Assistant Ms. Namie Sakiyama. Please visit our Department homepage, blog, and two Facebook pages.

I send you best wishes for a pleasant holiday season.


Ikuo Tsunoda, MD, PhD

2016 近大医学部微生物学講座クリスマスパーティー




2016 Happy Holidays
Front (from left to right) Masahiro Setoguchi, Masahiro Umemoto, Dr. Ikuo Tsunoda (Professor), Risa Maeda
Back (from left to right) Takahiro Tsurukami, Tateo Koyama, Shuuhei Yagura, Shinji Akioka, Naoto Morimoto, Shuhei Mimura, Maya Kawamoto
前列(左から) 瀬戸口昌裕(佐賀出身)、梅本匡弘、、角田郁生教授、前田梨沙
後列(左から) 鶴上隆浩(熊本出身)、小山建夫、矢倉脩平、秋岡真二、森本直斗、三村修一(兵庫県三田さんだ出身)、川本真綾(奈良出身)

Dr. Richard Ransohoff Microglia Seminar in Hakata, on December 14, 2016

On December 14, 2016, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Basic Research Forum was held in Fukuoka, Japan, hosted by Biogen Japan. Guest speakers include Dr. Richard M. Ransohoff, Biogen, Cambridge, MS, USA, and his former postdoctoral fellows, Dr. Yukio Takeshita, Associate Professor, Department of Neurology, Kyushu University, and Dr. Ryo Yamasaki, Clinical Assistant Professor, Yamaguchi University. Facilitators of the Forum are Prof. Junichi Kira, Kyushu University and Dr. Takashi Kanda, Yamaguchi University. From the Department of Microbiology, Kindai University Faculty of Medicine, Ikuo Tsunoda, MD, PhD, Professor, and Fumitaka Sato, PhD, Assistant Professor, Seiichi Omura, PhD, Assistant Professor, attended the Forum.

The title of Dr. Ransohoff's is "Meet the Microglia", in which he explained historical as well as most recent development of microglia research. After the forum, we continued our discussions in a reception and a local Sushi restaurant, Ando with Prof. Junichi Kira, Kyushu University, and Prof. Takashi Kanda, Yamaguchi University and their department members. Since Dr. Ransohoff previously published manuscripts on a viral model for MS, Theiler's virus infection, which is our research interest, we also talked about Dr. Ransohoff's findings where innate immune cells play a role in the model as well as our Inside-Out model on MS, where axonal damage with microglia activation precedes demyelination.

For more pictures, please visit our Kindai-LSU MS Research Team Facebook.

リチャード・ランソホフ先生 ミクログリア セミナー 2016年12月14日博多

バイオジェン・ジャパン株式会社主催の多発性硬化症に関する基礎研究にフォーカスした学術的な議論を行うことを目的とした「Basic Research Forum」が2016年12月14日に福岡で開催されました。招待講演はバイオジェンのリチャード・ランソホフ先生による「Meet the Microglia」で、最新のミクログリアの研究の進歩と歴史を紹介されました。またランソホフ先生のラボで博士研究員として留学されていた山口大学神経内科の竹下幸男診療助教と九州大学神経内科の山崎亮准教授も、ご自身の最新の研究を発表されました。

フォーラムの進行は九州大学神経内科吉良潤一教授山口大学神経内科神田隆教授が務められました。近畿大学医学部微生物学講座からは、角田郁生教授、佐藤文孝助教、尾村誠一助教の3人が参加し討議に参加しました。フォーラム終了後は、レセプション会場と二次会の「鮨 安東」で、ランソホフ先生を囲んで、さらに懇談をいたしました。

写真は、近大ーLSU MS Research Team Facebookで御覧ください。


Richard Ransohoff
From left to right: Drs. Ikuo Tsunoda, Junichi Kira, Akio Suzumura, Richard M. Ransohoff, and Takashi Kanda.

Utah Japan Biomedical Community 2016 Reunion

Former University of Utah researchers, Dr. Ikuo Tsunoda, Dr. Kazumasa Saigoh, and Dr. and Takahisa Masaki had a "U of U Reunion Dinner" in Osaka, Japan on October 25, 2016. We decided to make "Japan Utah Biomedical Community", whose first President is Dr. Takahisa Masaki.

We have made the "Utah Japan Biomedical Community" Facebook on December 6, 2016. This group includes people associated with biomedical research in Utah, particularly in the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, as well as their family and friends.

We hope that this new community will lead to reunion of old friends as well as creation of old/new networks among people who have been associated with biomedical research.

For more pictures, please visit "Utah Japan Biomedical Community Facebook page.

Ikuo Tsunoda

ユタ-日本研究留学同窓会発足 2016年

2016年10月25日に、ユタ大学医学部に所属していた正木貴久先生(ユタ大学前Assistant Professor)夫妻、西郷和真先生(近畿大学医学部神経内科准教授)、角田郁生(近畿大学医学部微生物学教授)が集まり、夕食会を開きました。この席で、現在あるいは過去にユタに在住していた研究者・医師と、その家族・友人を幅広く含んだ「ユタ-日本研究留学同窓会」を立ち上げようという話になりました。


写真は、 "Utah Japan Biomedical Community”のフェイスブックで御覧ください。


Utah reunion
from left to right: Drs. Kazumasa Saigoh and Ikuo Tsunoda and Dr. and Mrs. Takahisa Masaki in Osaka, Japan.

Ikuo Tsunoda

Author:Ikuo Tsunoda
We are studying multiple sclerosis and viral myocarditis using immunological, virological and bioinformatics methods in the Department of Microbiology, Kindai University Faculty of Medicine.

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