Kindai University eRA commons NIH account launched

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is America’s medical research agency — making important discoveries that improve health and save lives. NIH is the largest public funder of biomedical research in the world, investing more than $32 billion a year to enhance life, and reduce illness and disability.

To apply biomedical grants, research institutes need to have an eRA commons account, while Kindai University had no account, which made Kindai researchers unable to apply for any NIH grants, until now,,,

This month, with a help and effort of a team of Office of Sponsored Project (OSP) as well as Dr. Mitsugu Fujita, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Kindai University Department of Microbiology. Kindai University has its own eRA commons NIH account. This is a huge step for internationalization of Kindai University; Kindai researchers are able to collaborate with the NIH as well as researchers funded by the NIH (which means most American researchers).

Currently, Kindai eRA commnos account has seven affiliated accounts, five of which are from our Department of Microbiology, Kindai University Faculty of Medicine,. Dr. Fujita, Dr. Fumitaka Sato, Dr. Seiichi Omura, and myself were able to transfer our NIH account from former American institutes to the new Kindai Account. Dr. Ah-Mee Park, Associate Professor of our Microbiology department, was able to make her own new eRA commons account

Since we confirmed that 1) old NIH accounts can be transferred to the new Kindai account and 2) new account can be made in the Kindai eRA commons. Thus, it is encouraged that Kindai researchers either transfer their old accounts or make their new account in eRA commons.

I thank Kindai OSP staffs, Dr. Fujita, Dr. Hitoshi Shiozaki, President, Kindai University and Dr. Masayuki Iki, Dean, Kindai University Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Satoshi Nagata, National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition, and Dr. Richard Yanagihara, University of Hawaii, for their effort and support in establishment of Kindai University NIH account.

Ikuo Tsunoda, MD, PhD
Kindai University, Faculty of Medicine

近畿大学 NIH eRA Commons アカウント 発足

NIH (アメリカ国立衛生研究所、National Institutes of Health、NIH)は、アメリカ合衆国の保健福祉省公衆衛生局の下の医学研究機関ですが、世界最大の医学研究助成をしていることでも知られています。NIHに研究費を申請する場合や、NIHの研究費で研究をしている研究者(アメリカの研究者のほとんど)と共同研究をする場合は、NIHに研究者が所属する施設がアカウントを持っていることが条件です。

このアカウントをeRA Commonsと呼びますが、近畿大学では、これまでアカウントがありませんでした。そこで、昨年より、学術研究支援部研究支援課のチームと微生物学講座の藤田貢准教授が中心になって、近畿大学のeRA Commonsアカウントの作成を試みてきました。アカウント作成にあたっては、我々の共同研究者である医薬基盤研究所永田諭志教授、ハワイ大学のリチャード・ヤナギハラ教授はじめ各方面からの多大な協力があり、この3月、ついに近畿大学のアカウントが作成されました。

現在、近畿大学のeRA Commonsアカウントには7名の研究者がリストされていますが、そのうち5名は我々の微生物学講座のメンバーです。藤田先生、佐藤文孝助教、尾村誠一助教と私のものは、アメリカの既存のアカウントを近畿大学のものに変更することができました。また、微生物学講座の朴雅美講師の場合は、新たにNIHアカウントを近畿大学のもとで作成することができ、これが近畿大学では初の新しく作られたeRA Commonsアカウントとなります。




eRA commons Tsunoda trim

eRA commons trim


Noguchi Hideyo and Carrion's disease (Oroya fever/verruga peruana)

Carrion's disease, Bartoellosis, is caused by Bartonella bacilliformis, which belong to the Phylum Proteobacteria, Class Alphaproteobacteria, Order Rhibiales, Family Bartonellaceae, Genus Bartonella (it was once classified into the Order Richettsiales). During the acute stage, an acute febril illness is called Oroya fever, consisting of sever anemia, while the chronic disease is called verruga peruana, in which 1- to 2-cm cutaneous nodules, often engorged with blood (angioproliferative), appear over the course of 1 to 2 months and may persist for months to years.

In 1885, Peruvian medical student, Daniel Carrion, infected himself with aspirates from the skin lesions and died of Oroya fever. This looked like proof that Oroya fever and a verruga wart were one disease. However, in 1913, doctors of the Harvard School of Tropical Medicine concluded that the two diseases were two, the one caused by a parasite and the other by a virus. Then, it became inappropriate to call the disease Carrion's disease. In 1926, Dr. Hideyo Noguchi published a research manuscript in "Science" on the first successful pure culture of Oroya fever Gram negative bacteria, Bartonella bacilliformis using aerobic media containing blood. By inoculating the bacteria into rhesus monkey, Dr. Noguchi was able to induce both fever and warts, whose detailed reports were published in Journal of Experimental Medicine. Dr. Noguchi concluded, "The designation 'Carrion's disease' is therefore the appropriate one for both forms of the infection" in his 1927 manuscript.

Gustav Eckstein summarized the above story in his book, "Noguchi". While some people tried to ruin Dr. Noguchi's reputation, it should be noted that Dr. Noguchi himself successfully recovered the reputation of Mr. Carrion, a martyr to Microbiology Research (Dr. Noguchi died of yellow fever during his research on the disease).

Ikuo Tsunoda, MD, PhD
Professor, Department of Microbiology, Kindai University Faculty of Medicine,


バルトネラ症=カリオン病は、アルファプロテオバクテリア綱リゾビア目バルトネラ科バルトネラ属に所属するBartonella bacilliformisによって起こる感染症です(かつてはリケッチア目に分類されていました)。急性期には貧血を伴うオロヤ熱を、慢性期にはペルーいぼを生ずる疾患ですが、それまでオロヤ熱とペルーいぼは同一の病原体によって生じるということがわかりませんでした。

1885年、ペルーの医学生ダニエル・カリオンはペルーいぼの浸出液を自らに注射し、オロヤ熱に罹患し死亡しました。彼は、自らの死をもって、二つの病態が一つの病原体で起こることを証明しました。ところが、1913年よりハーバード大学の医師が、カリオンのデータに反する実験結果より、二つの病態は一方が寄生虫により、他方はウイルスにより起こると提唱しました。その結果、カリオン病という名前は不適当とされてしまったのです。1926年に、野口英世博士は、科学誌サイエンスにBartonella bacilliformiを世界で初めて好気性の血液培地で純粋培養に成功し、これがグラム陰性菌で、アカゲザルに移入することで、発熱といぼが再現可能であることを発表しました。1927年のJournal of Experimental Medicine誌上で、さらなる証拠を提示した野口博士は、「カリオン病という名前がこれで二つの病態を呼称するに正当なものである」と結論付けました。



Kindai University Medicine Graduation 2017

On march 18, 2017, Kindai University Faculty of Medicine held the graduation ceremony at Faculty of Medicine Campus, Osakasayama, Osaka. Special Guests included Osakasayama mayor, Teruhito Furukawa, and Kindai University President, Dr. Hitoshi Shiozaki.

At night, Medical Students held a thank-you party for the teachers at Swiss Hotel Nankai, Namba, Osaka. The guest comedian duo "Shampoo hat" did their performance. In the party, female students were in evening dress, while they wore Japanese Kimono at the Gradation ceremony. I was able to talk to several Medical Students who did their Clinical Clerkship last year in our Microbiology Department.

For more pictures, please visit our Kindai Microbiology Facebook.

Ikuo Tsunoda





望小達大」 野口英世博士 (小さな望みも大きな功績が得られる)
如己愛人」 永井隆博士 (己の如く隣人を愛せよ。博士は長崎原爆で被曝しながらも人類愛・世界平和に生涯を捧げ「長崎の鐘」「この子を残して」などを著作)



Thank you party with Medical Students, President Dr. Hitoshi Shiozaki, Ikuo Tsunoda, Professor, Microbiology.

Norovirus TV show "Chichin puipui" on March 1, 2017

Norovirus contaminated in dried seaweed caused food poisoning in 1098 primary school children in Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan, on February 17, 2017 as well as in more than 800 children in Wakayama, Japan, in January, 2017. Ikuo Tsunoda, Professor, Kindai University Faculty of Medicine commented on the outbreak in a TV show, "Chichin puipui"、MBS TV.

In the past, there only one Norvirus outbreaks assoicated with consumption of seaweed originated from seaweed from two Korean schools in 2012 (published in February 2015); Korean cases were caused by uncooked green seaweed. On the other hand, in the current Japanese cases, seaweed was dried at 90 degree for 2 hours followed by baking at 250-300 degree for 10 seconds. It is suspected that Norovirus was contaminated during the packaging process.

For more pictures, please visit Kindai Microbiology Facebook.

Ikuo Tsunoda

ノロウイルス きざみ海苔食中毒 テレビ「ちちんぷいぷい」出演 



撮影裏話です。CMの直前に、ゲストの月亭八光さんが「今回のような場合、加工食品であるので消費者はどうしようもない部分がある。よって、業者に気をつけてもらいたい」とコメントすると、ゲストの一人なるみさんが、「先生、どうやって食べてんの 色んなもの?」と角田に質問されました。そこで、少し間を置いて、「私は食事は近畿大学医学部の職員食堂で食べておりますので大丈夫です」と答えましたら、スタジオ内は爆笑。残念ながら、このコメントはCMに入ってしまって放映されませんでした。




ちちんぷいぷい出演者(左から) 山本浩之、角田郁生、古川圭子与良正男桂ざこばなるみ月亭八光宇都宮まき石田英司


Osaka Multiple Sclerosis Symposium February 27, 2017

On February 27, 2017, symposium on multiple sclerosis therapy was held at Osaka OAP Tower, chaired by Dr. Takayuki Kondo, Professor, Knasai Medical University Medical Center, hosted by Novartis. The guest speakers were Dr. Hirofumi Ochi, Ehime University, and Dr. Katsuichi MIyamoto, Associate Professor, Kindai University.

For more pictures, please visit our Kindai-LSU MS Research Team Facebook.

Ikuo Tsunoda, MD, PhD

多発性硬化症シンポジウム 大阪OAPタワー 2017年2月24日


写真は近大-LSU MSリサーチチームのFacebookを御覧ください。


Drs. Takayuki Kondo and Ikuo Tsunoda

Ikuo Tsunoda

Author:Ikuo Tsunoda
We are studying multiple sclerosis and viral myocarditis using immunological, virological and bioinformatics methods in the Department of Microbiology, Kindai University Faculty of Medicine.

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